Friday, 21 March 2014

Afghans around the country are gathering to celebrate Nowruz: 21 March 2014

 Afghans around the country are gathering to celebrate Nowruz - these images show celebrations taking place in the Kart-e-Sakhi area of the capital, Kabul. new year and expressed the hope that the coming year brings prosperity and harmony to the Afghan people, who, after years of conflict, deserve a future filled with optimism and hope. 

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Michelle said...

Dear Fardin
We are producing a 2015 calendar for Diversicare, a
​n Australian​
government funded organisation which supports and assists migrants from around the world coming to Australia
​, and encourages Australians to understand their culture​. Their website is

They wish
to feature and celebrate the
​festival of Nowruz in one of the pages of ​
their calendar


Their clients are members of the general migrant communities, plus all service providers such as nursing home staff, carers, respite centres, interpreters and support networks.

​I wrote to ask if we can have permission to publish a couple of these joyous photos from your website.

Kind Regards,

Talila Dunne