Monday, 28 July 2008

Ghulam Haidar Afghan Photo Trainee

Ghulam Haidar Afghan Photo Trainee
Ghulam Haidar: son of Ghulam Jelaani 41 year’s old man
Graduated it from Sheershah Soori high school in Kabul 1986, then one year studying Radio technique in ministry of defiance, in 1988 worked as official radio operator in ministry of defiance, after Dr Najibullah regime haidar left the Afghanistan to the Pakistan, till 1999 at this time Taliban regime covered 95 percent of Afghanistan
And he was working in carpet store as carpet seller
After Taliban regime 2003 haidar came back to Afghanistan
Worked as security guard in AINA media culture and center, he was very much interested it to the photography journalism, and he joined to the photography class in AINA media culture and center during three months he got the per fissional certificate
His photography was really proud and amazing
He wants to continue photography to help his poor people

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