Monday, 28 July 2008

Imal Hashimi Free lancer Photo Journalist

Imal Hashimi Free lancer Photo Journalist
Imal Hashimi was born in the Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, in 1986. After four years away from his country in Pakistan-Peshawar, he returned under the new leadership of Hamid Karzai’s government. After passing the university entrance exam, he was thinking of becoming a journalist, but he happened to pass by a group of Austrian photographers who had come to teach photography in his university. Interested in learning different and new subjects, he joined the workshopHashimi went on to join an advanced class of photojournalism in a media center in Kabul for half a year, and another workshop organized by the UNEP. Other than that, he has also participated in workshops by the US embassy at Aschiana NGO.Currently a second year student in the Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University, he also works as a professional photojournalist at a news agency. His main interest lies in society and people, but has done extensive work on different topics, such as landscapes, portraits, travel photography, news and disaster reportage. He has covered a wide range of daily news events, and has also done photo essays and stories on Afghanistan, such as coverage of Kabul’s waste processing system, the city’s leather industry, environmental concerns, Afghan culture and society, and street photography of life in the capital city.His works has been published by both local and international media, including the Afghanistan Times, Kabul Times, Pakistan’s Wahdat Post and Frontier Post, Outlook and Afghanistan Daily. Also, some of Hashimi’s photos have been exhibited at Kabul University, Aschiana, the French Cultural Centre in Kabul (2006) and in Texas, USA (2007).

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evelien said...

I am the picture editor of Oxfamnovib in Holland and would like to contact Imal for an assignment. Could you please give me his telephone or email.


Evelien Schotsman