Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Massoud Hossaini AFP Photo Journalist

Massoud Hossaini AFP Photo Journalist

Massoud Hossaini spent 20 years in exile in Iran before returning to Afghanistan the day after the fall of the Taliban. After studying political science at Kabul University a meeting with photo reporter and Aina founder Reza convinced him to go into photojournalism I want to fight for human rights in my country even if its hard to achieve he says I want to deal with religious conservatives the opium business currently one of my major projects and the warlords I think photojournalism can help heal the wounds of Afghans after all our suffering But only if we get international help. He is working in AFP in Afghanistan

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MANUE said...


I try to contact MASSOUD Hossaini. I'm french, and i have an afghan friend who would need some of his fotos taken the 26 november 2007 in the charasyab area after the explosion of a civilian car.
He is on these fotos and that could help him to make his asylum request. These photos are on getty images but they are alledged for internet and we would need to enlarge it to recognize him.
Do you have a phone numeber or a mail where i could send him this message?
Emmanuelle Hellio