Sunday, 21 January 2007

Cinema In Kabul

At the Bakhtar Cinema cafeteria, people look at Indian movie posters and buy food, cigarettes, and other goods. Kabul, Afghanistan 2005

Afghan men wait for a film to start in the Pamir Cinema in Kabul. Every day around 500 men come to this cinema. Women rarely go to the cinema because these venues have a bad reputation. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2005.

The projector at the Pamir Cinema in Kabul. This projector is more modern then the one in the city's Bakhtar Cinema. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2005.

A man rewinds the movie after the show. In Kabul, there are no machines to rewind the films; it has to be done manually. Kabul, Afghanistan 2005

Men looking at posters for new films at the Bakhtar Cinema in Kabul. Most cinemas in the Afghan capital show Indian films because they are very popular with viewers. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2005.

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